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Harbor Compliance Review

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Who is Harbor Compliance?

Harbor Compliance helps over 10,000 organizations maintain compliance with federal, state and municipal business licensing agencies. Their team of business licensing experts prepare and file applications; and their proprietary software tracks deadlines, renewals and fees.

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How It Works

A review of the Harbor Compliance website indicates that they are a little different than the other LLC formation companies. Most of the other guys allow you submit information via an online questionnaire/order form. Harbor Compliance, on the other hand, has you sign up for an introductory phone call with a specialist. We personally like the option to submit information online, but the personal service is certainly appreciated.

Price of Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance offers two packages: Formation ($399) and Compliance ($799). The compliance package provides a few extra formation services and support through the first year of operation. You can add registered agent service to either package for an additional $99/year.
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Compare Pricing for the 4 Most Commonly Requested Services

The four most commonly requested services are: (1) Prepare and file LLC paperwork with the state; (2) within two business days; (3) with a custom/personalized operating agreement; and (4) an EIN.

Harbor Compliance pricing for these 4 services:

  • $399 "Formation" Package
  • $0 Introduced to Specialist in 1 Business Day
  • $0 Operating Agreement Template
  • $0 EIN
  • $399 TOTAL

What Harbor Compliance is Known For

Harbor Compliance is known for their hands on approach to providing compliance support for businesses. Their business services include LLC formation, but business compliance (foreign qualifications, licensing and annual reports) is where Harbor Compliance sets itself apart from the other guys. They also have a very robust suite of services for the nonprofit sector.

Noteworthy Features

Harbor Compliance customers are introduced to their Compliance Specialist within one day, and are provided with personal service. They also boasts a 100% application success rate for 501(c) nonprofit services.

Registered Agent Service

Harbor Compliance charges $99/year for their registered agent service and you cancel at anytime.

Customer Support

Service appears to be a differentiator with Harbor Compliance. Customers get phone and email access to a Compliance Specialist, with “full-service compliance” offered. The Harbor Compliance website also includes a detailed Information Center with articles, white papers, webinars and resources for businesses and nonprofits in many industries.

Attorney Support

After reviewing the Harbor Compliance website, it appears they employ a team of lawyers, paralegals, and government licensing professionals, who support major legal and accounting firms nationwide. However, their Terms of Service indicate that they "do not and will not provide you with any legal, tax, or financial advice of any nature whatsoever." If you are looking for legal advice, you'll need to speak with law firm.

Harbor Compliance Complaints

At the time of this Harbor Compliance review writing, the company is rated very highly on Google Plus, with 49 reviews and 4.6 out of five star google ranking. We did find five negative reviews, with issues including data entry errors, slow customer service response and dissatisfaction with customer service. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, an additional three complaints citing problems with the product/service were listed on the BBB website. While we hate seeing any negative reviews, it is important to note that (1) all companies that deal with a large number of customers is going to have a few negative reviews and (2) Harbor Compliance responded to every compliant indicating they would make it right.

Headquarters and History

Harbor Compliance was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


In reviewing the company’s website to write this Harbor Compliance review, we did not see a guarantee advertised for business services. However, Harbor Compliance does guarantee that nonprofit applicants will receive 501(c)(3) approval.

Negative Factors

Other than the complaints mentioned above, no negative factors were found.


Overall Score:

Based on the company’s website and its many positive testimonials and reviews, Harbor Compliance appears to be a good choice for businesses and nonprofits who wish to maintain compliance, with personal service.

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Zac Copp

Zachary Copp

Mr. Copp is a licensed attorney that specializes in forming LLCs. He has been licensed in Texas for 20 years and has personally formed over 3,000 LLCs since 2015. He was recognized as a Rising Star by SuperLawyers® for seven straight years. Mr. Copp's knowledge of the formation process and related documents gives him the unique ability to compare, contrast, analyze, and review the services and documents provided by the top national LLC formation services. See Zac's full bio.

Comments 2

  1. When I first started my company I used Harbor Compliance as a registered agent. During the first year I found out, by accident, Harbor Compliance does not provide registered agent services for Nevada, but they farm out your account to another company without telling you. I found this information out by accident. Last year, I received a message concerning a notice to my company from the State of Nevada from a different registered agent company entity and had no idea why. When I contacted the company they said they were the agent representing Harbor Compliance. This means without my knowledge or permission Harbor Compliance gave my corporate and personal information to another agency, and brokered my agency services to a different corporation. What happened to privacy?

    When I posted a negative review the marketing director contacted me and asked me to take it down because it would ruin their reputation and the relationship they have with the company they work with. At that time I took the post down and told the marketing director I would not be renewing their services.

    The rules state you must have a new registered agent before you can release the services of the one you have currently. Harbor Compliance requires you send them proof of a new registered agent. I changed registered agents and sent them three emails with proof from the State of Nevada’s website and they are still trying to bill me for services knowing they are not my registered agent.

    In other matters I contacted them once about an issue and it took them almost two weeks to fix the issue. This was probably due to the fact they had to go through another company. Not great turn around if you are running a business.

    I believe you can find another company that is less expensive, more responsive and more ethical. I did

    1. Thank you for submitting your Harbor Compliance review! It sounds like you are happy with your new registered agent. Who did you decide to use? Subcontracting or outsourcing registered agent services is a common source of frustration for most business formation companies. We understand why a business formation company would decide to outsource this service (must have a nationwide footprint and locations in every state), but we believe this should be more transparent on the front end. We plan to put write an article outlining which companies outsource their registered agent services.

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