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Swyft Filings Review

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Ranking: #8

Swyft Filings helps entrepreneurs establish companies by taking care of business entity formation document filings as well as related matters such as domain names and federal tax ID filings. It offers three plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium, which are outlined below. The company also offers certain other services that are not included in any of the individual plans.
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How Much Does SwyftFilings Charge For An LLC?

Like many of their competitors, SwyftFilings has 3 LLC formation packages. The least expensive package is called the Basic LLC Package and is now $0 (+state filing fees). The Premium LLC Package is the most expensive package at $299.

Basic LLC Package

The Basic Package is now $0 (+ state filing fees) and includes a free name search and the preparation/filing of the formation paperwork with the state within 10 days of submission of your request.

Standard LLC Package

The Standard Package is now $199 (+ state filing fees) and includes three of the four core services (prep & filing of LLC paperwork with the state, customized operating agreement, and EIN).

Premium LLC Package

The Premium Package is $299 (+ state filing fees) and essentially the Standard Package with same day filing and a Company Book.
Insider Tip: Decide exactly which plan you want before ordering any of the packages. If you order Basic and then begin adding features one at a time as they occur to you, you'll likely pay more than you would have paid if you had ordered the Standard or Premium Packages to begin with.
SwyftFilings LLC Prices

How Fast is Swyft Filings LLC Service?

SwftFilings will process Basic LLCs in 15 business days. To get your LLC processed in 5 business days, you can pay an additional $50 or select the Standard LLC Package. Same day processing comes with the Premium LLC Package or it can be purchased with any other package for an additional $100.

Noteworthy Features:

Every one of their customers is assigned a personal, dedicated Business Specialist. You'll have their direct phone number and email. No need to wait in a pool of phone calls.

Registered Agent Services

SwyftFilings does not try to lure you in with a free promotional period.  You'll pay $199/year if you need a professional registered agent. SwyftFilings uses a third-party vendor to fulfill registered agent services, LegalCorp Solutions.

You can cancel the registered agent service anytime by notifying SwyftFilings before the renewal date. Failure to cancel will result in a required payment on the renewal date.

Ease of Use

The purchasing system is easy to use, with conspicuous notifications of any hidden charges (extra features that you may desire with a Basic Package, for example). The process should take about 5 to 10 minutes.

Additional Services

Swyft Filings offers more than a dozen services in addition to simple business formation. See “Price” above for further details. Certain paid services are offered in addition to the services offered under the Premium Package – assistance with obtaining business licenses ($99 extra), for example, and certified copies ($65 extra). Some such services can be useful long after the establishment of the company.

Summary of Customer Reviews

Trustpilot rates Swyft Filings’ services as “Excellent” (79 percent of respondents) based on nearly 500 customer reviews. This overall rating stacks up reasonably well with most of its competitors.

Real Swyft Filings Reviews

We thought it would be helpful to show you an example of actual client reviews, positive and negative:

"I had a wonderful experience with Swyft Filings today. David was extremely knowledgeable about the registration process and ensured that all my questions were answered. I tried receiving the said information from other businesses with regard to filing my LLC and they were not as informative about the process. Additionally, I was most satisfied with the cost of registration and the payment plan available." -Diane C.

Customer Service

Swyft Filings offers customer support during normal business hours (9am to 6pm Monday through Friday CST) through email, live chat, and toll-free domestic/international calling. Some companies in this industry offer 24/7 customer service.

Negative Factors

28 of 480 Trustpilot reviews were one-star negative ratings. Most of the complaints centered around allegations of dishonesty, lack of transparency, hidden fees, and staff incompetence. In some cases, the complainants reported that Swyft Filings attempted to rectify their complaint. But ultimately, they remained unsatisfied with the service they received. Overall, seven percent of reviewers rated the company’s services as “poor” or “bad.”

Attorney Support

Like most of their competitors, SwyftFilings is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.


SwyftFilings is based in Houston, Texas and has been in the business formation industry since 2012.

SwyftFilings' Guarantee

Satisfaction: If you are not satisfied that SwyftFilings has met your needs in a friendly, caring, and efficient manner, they will refund 100% of the Swyft Fillings fees that you paid. If you decide that you want a refund, you must submit the refund request within 60 days of purchase.

Please note that all state fees, third-party fees, and all shipping cost are non-refundable.


Overall Score:

Overall, Swyft Filings comes out looking fairly good, especially in terms of price and scope of features – although it is not without its shortcomings. While you could certainly do worse than this company, it might make sense to shop around a bit if you have special needs (24/7 customer service, for example, or a free registered agent service).

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  1. SWYFT filings is predatory. I requested to cancel services by phone – and they did not comply. I requested to cancel services by email and they did not reply. They do not provide access on their portal to change or delete credit card information – so I had no other option but to dispute charges through American Express. After disputing charges, SWYFT finally terminated the service, but was still charging me for service that I HAD cancelled. On top of that they were charging me additional fees because I disputed the credit card charges. After I refused to pay, SWYFT threatened to report to credit agencies. POOR SERVICE, PREDATORY, BULLY TACTICS. I have written email correspondence to support the above facts.

    1. Your review NAILED it! No matter what you communicate to this company, they will continue to charge you for services they are not providing until you close your bank account. Predatory is the perfect word to describe this company!!!!!

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