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Incfile Review

Review written by LLC formation attorney, Zachary Copp
Ranking: # 1
Incfile is a great resource for LLC formations. Overall, there is a lot to like about Incfile.  In this Incfile review, we'll over analyze each of the key features offered by Incfile. For example, the low-end price point ($0) is eye-popping, but when you investigate further and compare the actual prices of the services everyone wants (what we call the "core services"), Incfile's surprising value is found in their $149 Gold Package.
We've reviewed most of the major LLC formation companies and wanted to publish our research in the hopes that you would find this Incfile review useful. Below you will find a detailed analysis of Incfile's pricing and which package has the most value.  We've studied the various features offered by Incfile along with actual customer reviews.  After evaluating all of our research and reviews,  we are excited to announce Incfile as our choice for #1 LLC formation service.
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Incfile's LLC Formation Packages

A quick examination of their website will reveal Incfile's 3 LLC formation packages.  We analyzed the details of each package and the results surprised us.  Hint: See the description of the Gold Package below!

Silver LLC Package ($0)

The $0 Silver Package (you only pay the state filing fee) is Incfile's basic LLC formation package and includes only two of the most requested services: (1) prepare and file your Articles of Organization with the state (2) no later than the next business day. You can see everything that is included in the Silver Package in graphic below.

Gold LLC Package ($149)

The $149 Gold Package (BEST VALUE) includes everything from the Silver package and adds a handful of other valuable services like Federal Tax ID/EIN, Operating Agreement,  S-Corp Election (if desired), AND a customized LLC Kit (a binder with your company name gold stamped along the spine). The Gold Package includes all 4 of the core services!
The Gold package is not only Incfile's best value, but it is also one of the best values offered by any LLC formation company when you compare what the other top LLC formation companies charge for the same services. See the "Compare Apples to Apples" section below to see what the others charge for the same services.

Platinum LLC Package ($299)

The $299 Platinum Package is essentially the Gold Package plus access to business contract templates (a $150 value according to Incfile). See contract templates that come with Incfile's Platinum package→
incfile pricing

Compare Apples to Apples

Every online LLC service makes its money off of the additional services. The advertised low-end price draws you in, but after you finish the order process, you have either spent much more for upgrades or feel like you are missing out. Rather than get surprised at the end of the process, our Incfile review will outline and compare the real costs of the core services everyone wants.

The "Core" Services:

The four most commonly requested or "core" services are: (1) preparation and filing of LLC paperwork with the state; (2) within two business days; (3) with a custom/personalized operating agreement; and (4) an EIN.

IncFile's Cost of the Core Services

Incfile's Silver Package ($0) includes 2 out of 4 core services, but you'll have to pay $70 for an EIN and another $40 for the operating agreement for a grand total of $110 for all 4 core services. Incfile's Gold Package ($149) includes all 4 core services and is only $39 more than the Silver package with the additional a la carte add-ons.

Incfile's Services

  • Preliminary name search: Before you file the paperwork with the state, you or Incfile can perform a name availability check.
  • LLC formation paperwork: Incfile will prepare and file the formation paperwork with the state.
  • Registered agent: Incfile can serve as the LLC's registered agent, if desired. If they are the LLC's registered agent they will accept official mail and legal papers on behalf of the LLC. New LLC filings come with one year of free registered agent service ($119/year after the first year).
  • Free tax consultation: Every accounting package includes a free tax consultation. A small business accountant will review your business finances and help you understand where you could be saving money. They will offer practical advice on your expenses, tax commitments and other areas to help you reduce the tax you owe.
  • File business taxes: Incfile will match you with a tax professional who will help you file your business taxes.
  • Annual Report: Most states require an LLC to file a some kind of periodic reports (typically an annual report).  If your state requires periodic reports, Incfile can handle for you for $99 + applicable filing fees.
  • Amendments: If you need to modify anything related to your LLC, Incfile will help you file any necessary paperwork for $99 + applicable filing fees.
  • Dissolution: If you need to close your LLC, Incfile can handle the paperwork for $149 + applicable filing fees.
  • Foreign LLC qualification: If your LLC does business in a state other than the state of formation, Incfile can get your LLC qualified to do business in the "foreign" state for $149 + applicable filing fees.
  • DBA/Fictitious Name filings: If your LLC does business under an assumed or fictitious name (any name that does not equal the LLC name), Incfile can file the necessary paperwork for $149 + applicable filing fees.
  • Trademark registration: See more below.
  • Certificate of good standing: For $49, Incfile will request and obtain a certificate of good standing for your LLC.
  • LLC kit: An LLC kit is just a nice 3-ring binder with the name of your LLC embossed on the spine where you would keep hard copies of the LLC paperwork.  The LLC kit comes with the Gold and Platinum packages or can be purchased a la carte for $99.
  • Business license search: Incfile can search federal, state and local licensing authorities to determine if your business is required to have such a license.
  • Tax elections: Incfile can prepare and file a tax election (i.e. election to be taxed like an S-Corp). This service is included in the Gold and Platinum packages, or can be added to the Silver package for $50.
  • Virtual Address: See more below.

Incfile's Trademark Service

Incfile can now register a federal trademark for your business for $199 plus the federal filing fee. Incfile can register your name, logo, and/or tagline as a federal trademark. If registered, a federal trademark is a super valuable asset and can be sold if you ever sell your business. Included with Incfile's trademark service is a free consultation with a licensed attorney. Click here to read more.

Incfile's Virtual Address Service

For $29 per month, Incfile can provide your business with a genuine street address and access to your correspondence anywhere. Incfile's virtual address service is an inexpensive way to get a single, stable street address you can give to suppliers, banks, customers, government agencies, etc. When you receive mail to this address, Incfile will scan and upload your mail to secure private portal so you can access from anywhere. This allows home based businesses to keep your real address private. Please note, this virtual address service is NOT designed to receive large packages (only letters and large envelopes). Any bank checks, credit or debits cards will be mail forwarded (via USPS) to the contact address on file. Incfile only provides virtual mailboxes in 22 states at this time. Click here to read more.

Incfile's Noteworthy Features

Talk to a Specialist, Not a Salesperson

Incfile does not employ salespersons. Everyone on staff has at least 6 years experience incorporating new businesses and they do not encourage unnecessary services.

How Fast Is Incfile?

It takes IncFile 1 business day to prepare the LLC paperwork. The total turnaround time depends on the state in which the LLC is filed. Each state processes LLCs at a different rate and with different levels of expediting options.

How much are Incfile registered agents?

All business formation companies, including IncFile, offer registered agent services. IncFile provides a full year of registered agent services for free if you use them to start your LLC. After the first anniversary of your LLC formation, they charge $119/year.

Unlike some companies, you may opt out of the free registered agent service provided by IncFile. This is a common complaint we see for IncFile's competitors.

You can cancel the registered agent service anytime by notifying IncFile before the auto-renewal date. While they may provide a refund if you forget to notify them before the anniversary date, their legal disclaimer states that they do not have to.

What Incfile is Known For

IncFile is known for it's value and ease of use. Their website and order process was recently updated to make ordering and learning even easier and more intuitive.

Is Incfile Legit?

We located many Incfile reviews from happy customers. IncFile has served over 1,000,000 business owners since 2004. Their long history, large number of customers, and positive reviews are all good indicators of overall reliability.

ShopperApproved: They have over 19,000 five star reviews on 95% of all reviews are 4 or 5 star.

Best LLC Services: 4.8/5 stars (#2 overall behind ZenBusiness)

How To Start an LLC: 4.5 stars

Better Business Bureau: Not Ranked.

Real Incfile Reviews

Incfile has many online reviews from actual customers. Most are positive, but some customers did not have positive things to say. We thought it would be helpful to show you a few examples of actual positive and negative reviews:

"Great way to get a company registered. Easy to navigate, reasonably priced. I'm a return customer." -Merideth L.

"They did a great job helping put my LLC together. Very prompt service, helped me sort out the issues with the business name. Deziree responded promptly. Was very pleased." -Dalton R.

"The whole process finished much faster than promised. I did have a couple of questions and they did take a few hours to get back to me. But it wasn't as horrible as other reviews make it out to be. A lot of businesses get back to you within 24 to 48 hours when you have issues. In this case it took less than 5 hours. I think it was a decent experience for me. I'd use them again."-George J.

Incfile Customer Service

When we evaluate a service provider's customer support, we consider two things: (1) online resources that allow intuitive self help (2) ease of access to a real person that can help resolve our issue.

From the informative articles in the Learning Center to their online dashboard where you can track your order, Incfile's online resources are designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

In addition, Incfile employs incorporation specialists, not salespeople. Everyone on their staff has at least 6 years experience incorporating new businesses.

The #1 complaint about IncFile is their slow response time to customers' questions (read more in the following section).

Incfile's Customer Service Hours

Incfile can be reached via phone during business hours: 9am to 6pm CST Monday - Friday. The messaging tool found on the contact page of their website is monitored after hours.

Negative Factors

Any business with hundreds of thousands of customers is going to disappoint some of them. The #1 complaint about IncFile we encountered was due to a slow response time with their customer support department. We were told that Incfile's customer service department has received a major overhaul and should be meeting client's expectation now.

Attorney Support

Like most of their competitors, Incfile is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.


Incfile is based in Houston, Texas and has been in the business formation industry since 2004.  At the time of this Incfile Review, they had been trusted by over 1,000,000 business owners since 2004.

IncFile's Guarantee & Refund Policy

Refunds:  Your order is refundable for any reason until payment is forwarded to the state, less a $30.00 cancellation fee and any expenses that have been paid or incurred in furtherance of your order. Once payment has been forwarded to the state, IncFile cannot accept any cancellations or changes to the state filing.

Privacy: Incfile does not sell your information to any person or outside business.


Overall Score:
Incfile is inexpensive, quick, and ease to use. If you are starting an LLC online, Incfile gives you personal service and a full range of features, at an excellent value.
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Pros & Cons


The Good

  • Free Options
  • Over 17,000 five star reviews
  • Over 1,000,000 customers since 2004
  • Easy to use with quick checkout
  • Docs prepared quickly (1 business day)
  • Gold package includes ALL 4 core services
  • 1 yr free registered agent service ($119 value)


The Bad

  • Customer support can be slow
  • Not a law firm
  • Add-ons are tempting
  • S-Corp option not viable
  • Cheapest package is very basic
  • No multi-state discount for RA Services
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Author Profile
Zac Copp

Zachary Copp

Mr. Copp is a licensed attorney that specializes in forming LLCs. He has been licensed in Texas for 20 years and has personally formed over 3,000 LLCs since 2015. He was recognized as a Rising Star by SuperLawyers® for seven straight years. Mr. Copp's knowledge of the formation process and related documents gives him the unique ability to compare, contrast, analyze, and review the services and documents provided by the top national LLC formation services. See Zac's full bio.

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  1. I used incfile earlier this year and this incfile review is accurate. The order form was easy to navigate. I did catch myself wanting to add additional services, but figured I could always purchase later. I decided on the “gold” package and it came with everything I needed. I was able to opt-out of the free registered agent service (didn’t want to be surprised with a recurring fee in the future). I didn’t need to speak with their customer service department so I can’t comment on whether the slow response time has been solved. This was my first LLC and overall I am satisfied with my experience with incfile.

    1. Post

      Mike, congratulations on your new LLC and thanks for your feedback! We are glad to hear our Incfile review was helpful. Circle back if you discover additional helpful features that could benefit other first time LLC creators.

  2. I am thinking about registering a small business as an LLC through I am leaning towards the gold option, but was wondering what kinds of business contract templates come with the platinum package. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Post

      The platinum package comes with access to a library of 25 attorney-approved contract templates. Included in this form bank are: Operating Agreement; Statement Of The Organizer; Banking Resolution; Non-Compete Agreement; Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA); Independent Contractor Agreement; Employment Agreement; Employment Offer Letter; Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement; Release of Liability; 83(B) Election Form; Terms of Service; Privacy Policy; Sales Agreement; General Corporate Resolution; Demand Letter; Letter Of Intent For A Business Venture; Joint Venture Agreement; Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU); Consulting Agreement; Organization Meeting Minutes; Partnership Agreement; Cease & Desist Letter (Trademark Infringement); Founder Agreement; Service Agreement; Employee Termination Letter; Website Linking Agreement; Bill Of Sale; and Collaboration Agreement.

  3. Thank you for your analysis of incfile’s services. Can I assume they do not have any hidden charges since none were mentioned in this incfile review?

    1. Post

      You are correct, Adam. Incfile’s pricing is straightforward with no hidden charges. You’ll have a few options during the ordering process that could increase the pricing, but nothing tricky or hidden.

    1. Post
  4. I want to create a non-profit organization. I was leaning into Harmony but it seems this might be a better option. Which would you recommend? 3 out of 5 directors are from Latin America the other 2 live in Georgia and Florida.

    1. Post

      I am not familiar with Harmony, but they may be a good option for you. IncFile does offer inexpensive non-profit formation services, but their bread and butter is “for profit” businesses. I would suggest looking at Harbor Compliance for non-profit business formation services.

    1. Post
    1. Post

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